This is yet another VMS blog.
To eliminate ad hominem in advance, I do not hold a degree in any relevant field to VMS research.
Having said that, I do hold a degree in Computer Engineering and I have some experience with Machine Learning, and I would very much like to use those tools to crack the VMS. Alas, I do not have enough time or compute power available at the moment.
Nonetheless, I am very interested in everything VMS and history in general.

What to expect?

I use this blog to write down my ideas every once in a while. All idea and realizations are my own unless stated otherwise, and should be taken in this context.
If I have not given enough credit to anyone, please tell me and it will be corrected.
Please feel free to comment or write me anything about VMS.

What not to expect?

Solving the VMS. That depends on what you define solving to be, but for me it is:
First, understanding the text – I do not think we have enough consistent text for it.
Second, understanding the origin of the MS – maybe there is some chance at that.

This is not a scientific work, do not treat it as such. The ideas I bring up may, and most probably have been observed many time before. This is more of a public notebook. Please do not copy it or use it in any publication without my permission.


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